Sports and positive
Youth Development

We believe that a healthy community starts with healthy children in every way, and we consider it our responsibility to provide support and create conditions for the healthy development of youth. 

The crown of our mission is the youth thriving under the wing of VF Holding. Our company has founded and financially supports VF Football Team and VF Chess Team.

Officially established in September 2023, VF Football Team stands out as the team with the youngest players in the First Belgrade League. 

With over 15 young players and guided by two dedicated coaches, our futsal club is rapidly growing, fostering positive attitudes towards teamwork, discipline, and a love for sports.


VF Chess Team was established in 2017. 

This chess club is rich with two teams competing in the first and third leagues. Since 2023, we’ve established a chess school applying the latest and recognized programs, unique in its educational approach.

In addition to licensed instructors with experience working with children, classes and training sessions are led by peers who are club members, creating a well-known peer education dynamic. The majority of VF Chess Team members are juniors up to the age of 16, and we are deeply committed to their development.

We have participated in various competitions under the auspices of the Belgrade Chess Federation, winning our first trophy in November 2018 in the highly competitive junior league with nine clubs.




In our commitment to positive youth development, we continue to create a stimulating environment for children’s growth. Through these initiatives, we are making significant efforts to contribute to a happy and healthy community.




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