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Welcome to VF Holding, a global company specializing in consulting, energy, IT, AI, real estate, and agribusiness.


 As the population grows and technology advances, there is an increasing need for a healthier lifestyle, reduced pollution, and the use of renewable energy sources.


At VF Holding, we are passion for community well-being, we want to create a sustainable world, and more important – we know how to do it!


Taking an innovative approach and newest technology, we make a positive impact on society.


How’s that?

Technology in the aim of ecology

Our future is green, not grey. 


We believe that by using proven and the latest technology, we can contribute to independent energy use, reducing harmful gases, economic prosperity, and the health of all people.


Our goal is for urban cities to have unpolluted air, clean water, and healthy food.


We help companies with the same goal.

Our experience helps us to identify potential challenges and take steps to prevent or address them. With the same knowledge, we help companies to cleverly bypass all obstacles in their journey.



Our team consists of experts who analyze and formulate strategies for the four fundamental fields of successful business: law, finance, HR, and marketing.



Within these segments, our team provides services to companies operating in the same industries as ours, and sharing common values related to sustainable development and renewable energy.



Drawing on our experience, we help companies start their business from scratch. Also, we collaborate with existing companies seeking rebranding and improvements.




Meet our experts

At the helm of VF Holding company is CEO Jovan Vujasinovic, a scientist and expert with over 20 years of international experience in the electronics and IT industry.

Alongside him, the leadership team includes CFO Ivana Vujasinovic and COO Sasa Gavrilovic.

Existing since 1966

+100 employees

Worldwide support

+1000 clients

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