As urbanization continues to progress, and cities become more densely populated, the need to protect people from urban pollution naturally arises due to emissions from heating, heavy traffic, informal settlements, and landfills.

The demand for clean air, clean water, parks, and other well-maintained green spaces is growing, representing a fundamental human right.


Today, experts increasingly advocate for urban Smart City concepts that rely on renewable energy sources.


These concepts prioritize sustainability by implementing advanced technologies through energy-efficient infrastructure.


By embracing these innovative solutions, cities can contribute significantly to the global transition towards a more sustainable future, impacting not only the ecological aspect but also the economy


Solar panels as cost-effective
step towards energy independence

Today, we are actively engaged in finding quick and practical solutions that can be implemented immediately, both for industrial purposes and individual households. One such solution is solar panels.

Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic panels, are plates that absorb sunlight as an energy source for electricity generation or heating.

The first advantage of solar panels is economic. By generating their own electricity, households reduce costs and become less dependent on public power grids. This decentralization of energy production leads to significant long-term savings, enhancing the financial stability of households.

In addition to financial benefits, the production of clean energy, coupled with a reduced reliance on fossil fuels, is a significant ecological advantage of solar panels.



Smart meters represent another significant step towards energy and economic efficiency, currently being explored by experts in energy and smart energy management at VF Holding.


Smart meters are digital devices that monitor electricity consumption and instantly display your usage. They automatically send this data to your energy supplier via a wireless network, eliminating the need for manual recording of consumption.


This type of meter allows precise monitoring and accurate calculation of electricity bills. It operates on the principles of artificial intelligence, which tracks and records individual daily habits and the consumption of each household.



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